Are Lobsters Related To Cockroaches?

The common perception is that lobsters are somehow related to cockroaches. This urges us to think, why would such a delicious delicacy be compared to a creepy insect everyone wants to get rid of? Well, the posing question remains: are lobsters related to cockroaches? 

Here’s what we know – for facts:

  • They are both arthropods, i.e., they belong to the same ancestor
  • They are ancestrally related but widely different
  • Cockroaches are insects, while lobsters are crustaceans

As you can probably tell, both creatures have undeniable similarities which trace back to their history from millions of years ago. But both have evolved immensely over time and gone into widely different directions, making them very different.

Are Lobsters Related To Cockroaches?

If you want to know how these two creatures are linked, you’ll need some deeper insight. 

Let’s be clear on one thing though: both animals are widely different despite sharing a common ancestor, i.e., Arthropod, and a few other similarities. In the same vein, shrimp are distantly related to cockroaches as well, but technically humans are, too!

In the same vein, shrimp are distantly related to cockroaches as well, but technically humans are, too!

The main similarities between these distant relatives are listed below. Read on to find out!

Lobsters vs Cockroaches: How Are They Similar?

Calling them cousins would also link them too closely together. Lobsters and cockroaches are, in fact, distant relatives with one thing in common from millions of years ago – the same ancestor. 

However, there are other smaller similarities that do exist between the two species:

1. They have a similar exoskeleton!

Among their similarities is their common hard exoskeleton. This bone structure acts as a protection layer against predators and possible injuries. Additionally, both are omnivorous species, cannibalistic, and scavengers.

This means that both have similar eating habits.

In fact, they eat almost the same things – dead living organisms such as plants or animals or their own species.

2. Their antennas serve a similar purpose!

Both lobsters and cockroaches have antennas that are integral to their survival. These antennas help the two creatures sense their environments, such as the pressure, temperature, and other things.

They play the role of enhancing these creatures’ senses, allowing them to understand their environment better.

What Triggers The Connection?

Now that we know the things they have in common, let’s look into why people believe that lobsters and cockroaches are related. 

The main reason behind this perception is association. In simpler words, this is nothing but rumors and gossip based on some similar characteristics. They are both scavengers and are categorized as omnivorous. Moreover, their eating habits largely play a role in feeding this connection.

The main reason behind this perception is association. In simpler words, this is nothing but rumors and gossip based on some similar characteristics.

Due to similar structures, people are fooled into believing that these two creatures are related.

Since both consume dead living organisms, have many legs, have a tough exoskeleton, and trace back to the same ancestor millions from years ago, people tend to assume they are similar. 

However, it is important to note that despite sharing an ancestor, these two species are entirely different and, despite being related, are not the same.

What Makes Lobsters And Cockroaches Different?

While there are reasons to believe that these two creatures are related, there are also certain reasons to believe that they are widely different. One of the major differences is their habitat.

Their living spaces and conditions are so different that their adaptations and experiences have evolved entirely differently.

Lobsters prefer to exist in sandy, muddy, and rocky areas beneath the water body. This preference is essentially so they can hide from danger and also so they can effectively attack their prey without alerting them.

The lobster’s behavior operates in a way that as soon as it spots danger, it hides within a rock which protects it from becoming prey. This rock also becomes useful when it wishes to target its prey as it hides within it and waits for the prey to come close. The rest is, of course, history and ends with the prey dead.

On the other hand, cockroaches are not nearly as predatory. They live on land and tend to be harmless, with their residence being dirty places or sewers. Their lifestyle consists of feeding on dead living things and commonly munching on tiny insects.

These creatures evoke disgust within us but are surprisingly intelligent. They come out of their hiding spaces when everyone is asleep and hunt for food around the house.

Additionally, these deep brown creatures love dark and wet places. Uncountable numbers of cockroaches exist, and many of them prefer to live in the wild, particularly in spots that align with their preferences of a dark and wet place.

Their life spans are wildly different!

Despite having common characteristics, a cockroach lives up to a year before its final demise. This is the average lifespan and can vary according to the number of predators in a particular environment. A high number of predators will reduce their lifespan even more.

On the contrary, lobsters live incredibly long lives! Male lobsters are reported to live up to 35 years of age, while female lobsters have a lifespan of 55 years. Some research is still pending because various lobsters have survived to 70 years and beyond. Therefore, there’s still confusion regarding the exact life span of a lobster.

Interestingly, lobsters grow in size as they grow in age. The 70+-year-old lobsters have emerged as a large species. Additionally, their lifespan also depends on various environmental factors.

Conclusion: Lobsters And Cockroaches May Be Related, But They Are Different!

We can’t deny that both creatures trace back to the same ancestor from millions of years ago. However, they are still quite different.

Lobsters are a predatory species and tend to prey on other animals while growing immensely in size and enjoying a long lifespan. Additionally, these are a food delicacy in many parts of the world.

On the other hand, cockroaches are vulnerable and relatively weak insects. They are harmless, do not have venomous capabilities, paws, or fangs to defend themselves, and mainly operate on the element of surprise to escape from danger.

Additionally, their lifespan averages one year and can reduce further depending on their surroundings.

These distant relatives are loosely related because they belong to the Arthropoda ancestor. However, they have evolved massively and in entirely different directions over the millennia.