Can A Cockroach Get Inside Your Body? Yes, They Can. Great.

If you’re making a list of the most hated insects, cockroaches are likely to be among the top 5. These deep brown creatures with spikey legs and flappy wings cause the hair at the back of our neck to rise by a mere sight.

The automatic response once we see these creatures is to wish for them to stay as far as possible from us. The twisted part of our minds still poses the pressing question: can a cockroach get inside your body?

  • Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures
  • They prefer dark and warm places and dislike light
  • Cockroaches prefer to enter earholes and can slip into your ear canal

We understand that reading these three facts is rather alarming and horrifying, to say the least. Yet, don’t fret too much over it!

Although there have been cases of cockroaches entering earholes and setting up camp, these cases are rare.

You can avoid ending up in a situation like this through basic precautions.

Can a cockroach get inside your body?

Roaches are fully equipped to enter inside your body, so there’s the nightmare fuel for you!

These unwelcomed guests are known to have entered the human body. They have managed to make the news due to their creative invasion methods.

A hospital in South Africa made history by pulling up to 24 insects out of various people’s ears. Of which ten were German cockroaches.

According to entomologist Coby Schal, it is common for cockroaches to enter the human body through a person’s ears.

However, the nose is a relatively rare place for a cockroach to enter.

Why do cockroaches enter the human body?

Cockroaches make finding food the central priority of their lives. Thus, they are willing to go to all lengths to find food. Earwax might push this personality trait further. This is because this may be appealing to these hungry creatures.

Earwax contains bacteria that contribute to the production of volatile fatty acids. This closely mimics meat, which also releases various fatty acid compounds.

Earwax contains bacteria that contribute to the production of volatile fatty acids. This closely mimics meat, which also releases various fatty acid compounds.

So, this appeals to the cockroach. That will drive the roach to enter the ear canal, which winds up causing it to get stuck in the small hole.

Similarly, nasal secretions may also appeal to these cockroaches who are out on a hunt for a quick snack.

How dangerous is it if a cockroach enters your body?

If a cockroach enters your ear, it might feel like it’s the end of the world. These creepy crawlies can even enter your sinuses through your ear. Yet, even if these cockroaches consider your ears a snacking territory, cockroaches aren’t parasites.

Moreover, it is incredibly rare for cockroaches to enter a human body while the person is conscious. This is only likely to happen if the person is asleep or if they are somehow unconscious.

Of course, that knowledge makes it incredibly hard to sleep!

Cockroaches may seem scary. But they are inherently afraid of human beings because they recognize that humans can be a danger to them. This is why cockroaches prefer to come out at night and stay away from daylight.

Cockroaches can easily creep into your sinuses due to their small size. But most of them prefer to enter your ear canal.

Interestingly, the sinuses and nasal cavities are much wider than you think. These cockroaches can enter these areas and still survive. This is because these areas are filled with air.

However, that is better for you! If you wind up in such a situation, the cockroach should be alive when you make it to the emergency room. That makes its extraction much easier as the doctor can lure the cockroach out.

What should I do if a cockroach enters my body?

Naturally, once you realize that a cockroach has entered your body, the first reaction is to panic.

In these times, it is integral to remember that the worst-case scenario would be an infection that can rarely enter the brain through your sinuses.

It is unlikely that a cockroach entering your nose or ear will lead to dangerous consequences.

It is unlikely that a cockroach entering your nose or ear will lead to dangerous consequences.

Some other facts to remember in these situations to keep your panic at bay. Cockroaches aren’t as dirty or bacteria-covered as you might think. These insects groom themselves consistently.

The bacteria mainly remain in their gut. The worst mistake you could make is to crush it while attempting to remove it. This is likely to bring out abundant bacteria that remain in a cockroach’s gut, possibly causing an infection.

How should I keep a cockroach from entering my body?

Although your paranoid mind might tell you otherwise, keeping a cockroach from entering your body is fairly simple. Certain precautions will ensure that your ear canal and nose are free of the possibility of a cockroach invasion. Some of these include:

1. Put the food away!

Cockroaches are regularly on a hunt for food. Having food around you is probably their biggest source of attraction for them.

If you wish to minimize the possibility of a cockroach entering your body, keep leftover food away from you, and preferably out of your room.

Make sure there are no crumbs on your bed and deep-clean your room before you drift off to sleep in the night. No need to lure them toward you!

2. Spray insecticide everywhere!

A cockroach repellent or killer is your best bet to ensure that a cockroach does not enter the boundaries of your room. If a cockroach enters your body, it’ll be during the night while you’re sleeping.

An insecticide spray around your room or bed an hour before you drift off will ensure that these pesky creatures don’t creep their way into your bed and your body.

Conclusion: they won’t enter if you don’t let them in!

The bottom line is clear; the more precautions you take to keep these creatures away, the less likely they will enter your body.

Keep your surroundings clean. Prevent their entry completely by thoroughly cleaning your house and taking care of any infestation.

Additionally, a monthly clean-up from a professional will ensure you do not experience a surprise in your sleep.

Lastly, food near your bed or on it might act as a magnet for these cockroaches. Don’t give them an entry pass by keeping food crumbs around!