Can Bed Bugs Live On Your Genitals? Can They Be Spread That Way?

I can imagine this sounds like a frightening scenario, causing you to lose sleep. Bed bugs should not be present anywhere, including in your private parts! But can they? Can Bed Bugs Live On Your Gentials? Could you spread them?

  • Your body is not suitable for bed bugs to live on
  • Bed bugs can still bite your genitals and roam around
  • Bed bugs prefer arms and the neck

Breathe easy, you don’t have to worry about that, but there’s still plenty to be concerned about when it comes to bed bugs. We’ll go into detail below.

Can Bed Bugs Live On Your Genitals?

Bed bugs cannot live on or in your genital area or body. Bed bugs can’t live permanently on your body, and their survival and reproduction are impossible.

However, their bites can be found anywhere on your body with bare skin, including your genitals.

Acidic vaginal fluids prevent bed bugs from entering your private parts and living. In this way, they can be choked and suffocated to death. In addition, since bed bugs do not bite particular areas, their bites are limited to exposed areas of the body.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Bed bugs cannot infest humans. They live near their hosts in dark, hidden areas. Your beds and mattresses are home to parasites hidden in cracks and crevices, as are wooden furniture, walls, and other places.

To hide and reproduce, they use any crack they can find.

Like vampires, bed bugs leave their hiding spots to feed on their hosts during the night. So you can expect them to crawl on you and seek out places on your body suitable for sucking blood. They then leave you and return to the dark crevices.

Bed bugs do not like heat or high temperatures either. Your body heat deters them, and you are even hotter on the inside.

It is therefore preferable for them to stay away from those places when looking for a place to live.

If you have bites on your genitals, it could be another infestation. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are completely free of infestation just because bed bugs aren’t found on your pubic hair.

Your pubic hair is specifically attacked by a type of lice known as pubic lice.

There are some ways you can tell the difference between the two.

  • Adult bed bugs are much larger than pubic lice. Bed bugs have flat and oval bodies, while lice have oblong bodies.
  • A lice’s color is always white or yellow. A bed bug’s color is reddish-brown.
  • Your private area is not home to bed bugs. As their name implies, pubic lice only inhabit pubic hair.

These two types of bugs can be confused quite easily. Fortunately, lice shampoo usually kills bed bugs.

Do Bed Bugs Prefer Shaved or Hairy Areas?

Rather than exposed parts of your body covered with hair or clothing, bed bugs prefer clear, hairless surfaces. It makes biting the skin and sucking up your delicious blood easier for them.

As a result, bed bugs are unlikely to be found in your hair. In addition, they will have a harder time biting your skin if you have a hairline. It is also not as blood vessel-rich as the skin on the face or hands.

Hair in the pubic area and under the armpits is the same.

Bed bugs are also unable to move around easily due to the hair itself. Their body is flat, and their legs are not suited for moving around in hairy regions. Bare skin allows them to move faster and more effectively.

Since bed bugs do not bite particular areas, their bites are limited to exposed areas of the body.

Consequently, bed bug bites are commonly found on the neck, arms, or legs. Therefore, if you have bare skin on your body, be prepared to be attacked by bed bugs.

Prevention Of Bed Bugs Near Your Private Areas

If you suspect bugs wear clothing to bed to protect your private areas until you can control the problem.

1. Wear Pajamas

Wearing pajamas while sleeping can prevent bed bugs from getting into your parts. If you suspect bugs wear clothing to bed to protect your private areas until you can control the problem.

2. Repellants Should Be Applied

At night, apply a lotion containing scents that repel bed bugs, such as lavender. You will attract bed bugs by emitting carbon dioxide and warmth. But they don’t like certain scents.

You can also use these scents on other parts of your body, such as your private parts.


A sudden appearance of itchy red bumps swollen on your private parts is a sign of bed bug bites. A dark spot will appear in the middle of the bumps, making you want to scratch them urgently.

It might make you sleep better knowing they can bite your genitals, but they can’t live in them!