Why Are Centipedes So Scary?

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious, and spooky — and no, we’re not talking about The Addams Family here. What we will be discussing in this article are multi-legged and freaky centipedes, which some consider among the scariest animals on the planet.

So why are centipedes so scary? Where did they get this reputation? And is there anything that we can discover that could make us actually start to like these weird-looking creatures?

In this article, we’re going to find out!

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Why Do Centipedes Have So Many Legs?

Common house centipedes always get a bad rap. And it’s pretty understandable because they can look really intimidating, potentially poison you, and travel at such fast speeds that they can cause terror. 

But these (mostly) innocuous creatures aren’t as creepy as you might believe, even if they have so many creepy-looking legs.

And what’s with the legs? Why do centipedes have so many legs?

Only natural selection can say why, exactly. But centipedes use their many legs for speed to catch prey — and to escape from being prey! As they mature, they add segments to their bodies rather than make their existing bodies bigger.

In this article, I’ll dig into the creepy crawly details of centipede legs!

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What Does A Centipede Nest Look Like? Do They Breed In Nests?

So you’ve been seeing centipedes in your house recently. Yuck! That can lead you to believe that your house is completely infested with centipedes. If so, can you find the nest where they breed?

What does a centipede nest look like?

It’s common to think that, like other insects such as ants, termites, or wasps, centipedes form nests. However, unlike the other insects that form nests and return to them daily, centipedes don’t form that kind of nest. 

They would only have a “nest” if they would reproduce. That involves laying about 15-60 eggs at a time. To summarize, it simply looks like the centipede with the eggs.

Let’s describe that further below. 

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Silverfish Vs Centipede: How Can You Tell Them Apart?

If you see a slimy-looking insect with lots of legs darting quickly across your kitchen, bathroom, or basement floor, it may startle and alarm you. But it could also cause confusion because it can be hard to tell exactly what it is you saw.

Both silverfish and centipedes can be found in these places, as well as hide in other dark and damp crevices in your home. They both have different qualities — some that you may even find beneficial, while others could completely gross you out.

So, what’s the difference between these two fast and creepy crawling creatures? In this article, I’ll answer this question for you, as I take a closer look at silverfish vs centipede.

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Do Centipedes Eat Roaches?

Most people don’t like bugs, although there are a few exceptions to this rule, like bees, ladybugs, praying mantises, and dragonflies. Many find these bugs fascinating and beautiful, and also beneficial to Mother Nature herself.

But centipedes and roaches are usually not on the “like” list!

Do centipedes eat roaches?

If you spot a centipede in your house, it could be a beneficial sign, particularly if you’ve got a roach infestation. Centipedes will certainly hunt and kill roaches.

In this article I’ll go into the details of centipedes and roaches.

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