Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas?

Guinea pigs are not only cute and cuddly rodents, but they are popular with young families, because they make great pets for children. Their amazing personalities, and gentle and friendly demeanors mean that they are not only fun to play with, but can provide years of entertainment.

However, if you’ve noticed your guinea pig scratching at its fur repeatedly, then you will definitely be wondering what’s wrong with your furry friend. More common infections guinea pigs can get include mites, ringworm, lice, or allergies.

But what about fleas? Can guinea pigs get fleas?

Yes, guinea pigs can get fleas, typically if they are in the same household as cats and dogs. Fleas usually can’t breed on guinea pig fur, though, so that’s good news.

Read on for a full explainer!

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mouse poop vs roach poop

Cockroach Droppings vs Mouse Poop: How Can You Tell The Difference?

You’ve seen some strange droppings, maybe somewhere in the kitchen, or in a corner by a wall. Is it roach poop? Mouse poop? Something else?

In this article, we’ll look at cockroach droppings vs mouse poop, and show you how you can tell the difference.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Mouse droppings are brown and approximately the size of a grain of rice
  • Roach Droppings may be brown, black, or yellow and are about the size of a coffee grain

Mouse poop is much bigger than roach droppings, and is generally around the size of a grain of rice. Roach poop is smaller than rice and is more like the size of a grain of pepper.

Let’s dig into those a bit more below.

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Do Rats Eat Roaches? It’s the Circle of Pest Life!

Rodents, including mice and rats, munch on various delicacies, including roaches! It’s no mystery that rats are exceptional hunters. They don’t back down from chasing roaches around the house before they eat them. Let’s look further into the pressing question: do rats eat roaches?

  • Rats can eat cockroaches
  • Cockroaches aren’t the first preference for rats in terms of food
  • Rats only resort to munching on them when there’s no other alternative

Interestingly, while rats consume cockroaches, they don’t particularly like eating them. The main source of attraction for rodents is the smell of dead cockroaches.

These emit an odor of decaying protein, a major magnet for rats.

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