Do Geckos Eat Cockroaches? Will They Help Fight Your Infestation?

You may be casually lounging in your living room and see a cockroach running across your kitchen from the corner of your eye. Ugh, you have a roach invasion underway!

The disgust and concern that this may evoke may lead you to consider all possibilities that will end these cockroaches, including the animals that can eat these sneaky insects for breakfast. This raises the question: do geckos eat cockroaches?

Here’s what we know:

  • Geckos do eat cockroaches
  • However, geckos aren’t going to combat a full infestation
  • Cockroaches carry various germs, bacteria, and even pesticide residue

Now that we’re aware that geckos can, and sometimes do, eat cockroaches let’s go a bit deeper into the subject.

Do geckos eat cockroaches?

Many people are aware that geckos eat mosquitos and other pests, and intentionally don’t chase them away. That’s smart! They’ll go after roaches as well as mosquitos.

And some even get a gecko as a house pet. But if that’s the case, you probably don’t want it to consume random cockroaches that creep through your home.

Regardless, it’s important to know that geckos do consume cockroaches.

If you’ve keeping a gecko as a house pet, we wouldn’t suggest feeding them your average household pests. These wild cockroaches carry germs, bacteria, and pesticides, which can be hazardous to your pet.

Therefore, purchasing properly-bred insects or cockroaches is a much safer option if your primary aim is to feed your bed.

Gecko 101

Before we figure out all the possibilities of pest control, including the possibility of a gecko munching away at the sneaky cockroaches in your home, let’s figure out what a gecko is.

Geckos are lizards that come from the family of Gekkota.

These lizards prefer to reside in warm places, and these exist in more than 1600 species. Therefore, when you hear the term gecko, it is a relatively generalized term for an array of animals. Of course, most are wild, but some have been kept as pets.

What do geckos prefer to eat?

Geckos prefer to munch on various nutritious insects and are referred to as insectivores. The thought of a nutritious insect may come off as a shock to you. However, as difficult as it is to believe, numerous insects carry a large amount of protein!

Some examples of insects that carry protein are cockroaches and crickets. Various nations and civilizations munch on these insects and consider them delicacies precisely because of the protein they offer. Therefore, there is surely nutritional value in various insects.

This is also why geckos seek out and devour these seemingly disgusting pests for breakfast.

However, cockroaches aren’t a first-choice meal for geckos (the same is true for rats and spiders). Geckos prefer crickets or mealworms instead.

Cockroaches aren’t a first-choice meal for geckos. They prefer crickets or mealworms instead.

This is because of the cockroach’s extremely tough exoskeleton, which becomes difficult for other animals to chew. This also makes the benefit of consuming them much lower in comparison to the cost of getting through that tough cockroach exterior.

Are cockroaches harmful to geckos?

It is difficult to give one solidified statement regarding the harm cockroaches could cause to geckos. Although these insects carry a lot of bacteria and germs, they may not be all that bad.

However, if you’re planning on feeding your pet gecko cockroaches, you must be mindful of the type of cockroach you’re feeding.

It is important to remember that while geckos consume cockroaches, they are not a source of pest control for a potential infestation. Therefore, if you’re considering using your gecko to eradicate roaches from your home entirely, it is best to consider another form of pest control.

If you’re considering using your Gecko to eradicate roaches from your home entirely, it is best to consider another form of pest control.

If you wish to keep your pet healthy and alive, we wouldn’t recommend pushing it onto invading cockroaches in your home. You should ideally come up with better food alternatives for your pet.

As for the cockroach infestation, we recommend reaching out to a professional pest control service to end these sneaky creatures completely!

How much do geckos eat?

Interestingly, geckos are capable of eating a lot. They will continue to eat as much as you feed them. However, that may not work in your favor or theirs. Due to their inability to stop themselves from eating excessively, they are prone to overeating and getting sick in the process.

It is fairly common for geckos to overeat.

This comes from their instinct to eat beyond their capacity to store fat reserves for long-term survival in the wild, particularly for days when they fail to find food.

Geckos aren’t guaranteed regular meals when they’re in the wild. Therefore, once they find food, they commonly store it beyond capacity for long-term survival.

However, it is important to suppress this instinct if you’ve chosen a gecko as a house pet. Since they have access to food frequently as a pet, overeating can cause them to get sick and even potentially reach their demise.

Don’t overfeed your gecko. If you plan on using them to get rid of a major cockroach infestation, they may overeat these creatures to the point of sickness.

Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend providing them unlimited access to any food source, particularly bacteria, and germ-induced cockroaches.

What will happen if I overfeed a gecko?

If you make the mistake of overfeeding your pet, there is a high possibility of it vomiting it out or getting sick from it. If you notice that your gecko isn’t able to keep its food down, this is the biggest side that you’ve overfed it. It’s time to restrict its food sources by reducing its portion sizes.

Conclusion: geckos do eat cockroaches!

The bottom line is that geckos happily eat cockroaches, but they’re not a gecko’s first choice. A cockroach’s tough exoskeleton makes it a backup survival option rather than a preferred food source for many animals.

Secondly, although geckos eat cockroaches, we don’t recommend using them as a tool for pest control to eradicate a potential cockroach infestation. Unwanted household pests such as cockroaches carry germs and bacteria on their tiny bodies and can harm your pet.

Moreover, if your pet gecko has too much access to these cockroaches, it might overeat to the point of sickness.

Therefore, if you’re looking to eradicate the unwanted cockroach infestation that brews within your room or home, we wouldn’t recommend using your pet gecko to do the job. Instead, call your local pest control company.