Orajel for Mosquito Bites: Does It Work?

While Orajel is traditionally used for instant relief of tooth and gum pain, it can also be used for mosquito bites. It’s also something many of us have in our medicine cabinet.

Does using Orajel for mosquito bites help?

Yes, Orajel can soothe the itching and burning of a mosquito bite and can help prevent infection.

Here are a few things to know going in:

  • Orajel helps with the itching and burning of mosquito bites
  • It also helps to prevent infection of the bite area
  • Orajel is a proven germ killer

In this article, I’ll investigate how Oragel will help as a temporary relief for mosquito bites.

How Does Orajel Help for Mosquito Bites?

Whenever you ask for advice on getting relief from mosquito bites, experts advise the use of antihistamine ointments. This is also the case when using Orajel, with the active ingredient being Benzocaine, a topical anesthetic.

This main ingredient has a numbing effect. It helps calm the irritation of most types of insect bites, also the itching of mosquito bites. This product also helps reduce mosquito bites’ swelling to be less prominent while also removing the redness.

In a similar way, people also use products like Afterbite or other home remedies like Preparation H.

It is safe to be used in small doses on the area of the skin where you have the mosquito bite.

How to Apply Orajel for Mosquito Bites

See this video for quick instructions on how to apply Oragel mosquito relief to the bite areas on your skin.

You can easily apply Orajel on your skin, whether you use the gel or the spray-on application.

  1. Before applying Orajel gel or spray, wash your hands with soap and warm water
  2. Clean the bite areas on your skin so it will be mostly free of germs
  3. If you use the tube with gel, simply squeeze a small amount from the tube onto the bite area
  4. Gently rub it over the area to form a thin layer of protection over the mosquito bite
  5. With the spray-on applicator bottle, you can simply spray a little Orajel on the bite and let it dry
  6. When you are done applying it to all the mosquito bites, wash your hands again in warm water and mild soap
  7. Leave the Orajel on your skin for as long as possible so that the active ingredient can do its job
  8. You can also leave it on the skin and re-apply lightly as soon as the itching comes back

Can You Use Orajel on Any Part of Your Body?

To be on the safe side, use Orajel exactly as it is indicated on the package. While Oragel is safe for adults and children, there might be side effects if you don’t use it correctly.

The active ingredient, Benzocaine, can be safely used on the skin to help relieve the symptoms that come with mosquito bites. You can also use it in small amounts on the skin of your face if you have a bite in that area.

This main ingredient, Benzocaine, has a numbing effect. You can easily apply Orajel on your skin.

Be careful not to use Orajel on blisters or sensitive parts of the skin or on parts where the skin is broken. When applying it on mosquito bites, make sure that you haven’t scratched the bite before applying it, or you might experience some burning.

You can also use Orajel safely on any other parts of your body where the mosquitoes may have bitten you.

Benefits and Side Effects of Orajel

It is also important to know the effects and benefits any product may have on you so you can know what to expect.

  1. This medicine can cause methemoglobinemia which is a shortage of oxygen under the skin
  2. You should not use it if you previously had this condition
  3. Don’t use this gel on children under the age of two years
  4. It can cause breathing problems if you have the following:


  • It is great for any type of injury of the mouth and gums
  • It can be used to provide relief for the itching and irritation of insect bites
  • Orajel can also temporarily numb the area to remove pain and burning sensation
  • This product is safe to be used with even small children
  • It can be used for all types of sores in or around the mouth, such as cold sores, fever blisters, and even sore throat
  • Orajel will help to prevent you from scratching a mosquito bite which may cause it to become infected

Orajel is available in most drugstores and can be bought from many online stores; get yours here.

Final Thoughts

Orajel is a great temporary relief for mosquito bites, so you can get rid of that itching and swelling for peace of mind. It’s great to take on hikes or camping trips, and you’ll often have it in your medicine cabinet, so no need to go buy something extra.