How Many Cockroaches are in the World? How Many are in Your Building?

It seems like the most common insect species that exist in the world is the cockroach. We encounter these as they crawl out of hidden dark spots within our homes, bathrooms, kitchens, even our bedrooms (shudder).

Their reproduction capabilities are no mystery as they seem to multiply by the minute. This raises one major question: How many cockroaches are in the world?

  • There are approximately 4,500 cockroach species in the world.
  • 30 of the total species are associated with human habitats.
  • Because cockroaches reproduce so fast and they are so widespread, it is impossible to accurately calculate the number of roaches on Earth at any given time.

Interestingly, cockroaches are some of the most successful species that currently exist. They are also one of the most common pests that creep through our spaces and tend to disrupt our lives with their deep brown bodies and spiky legs.

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There’s a Cockroach In My Room and I Can’t Sleep!

Cockroaches in your home is disturbing, but it’s worse when they’re in your bedroom. You will find yourself fidgeting, constantly on the lookout for the creepy crawlies. And once you’ve come across one, you know there are more, lurking.

It’s easy to freak out and feel “there’s a cockroach in my room and I can’t sleep!” What should you do? 

First things first: deep breath. Cockroaches aren’t dangerous, you’re not going to die in your sleep. Beyond that, let’s figure out where they’re coming from, and learn how to get rid of them.

Read on!

There’s a Cockroach In My Room and I Can’t Sleep! Read More »

Why Are There Suddenly So Many Cockroaches In My House?

Why are there suddenly so many cockroaches in my house?!

Cockroaches get attracted to clean houses where they can find enough food to fill their appetite. Many people think that unhygienic conditions are the root cause of a roach infestation at any place. 

While unattended trash and other related things may invite these critters to your place, other factors play a big role in making way for roaches. These pesky insects are attracted to:

  • Moisture 
  • Food sources
  • Safe shelter

The sight of cockroaches scares the bejesus out of people. It makes sense why most of them want their homes to be completely critter-free.

Understanding the “whys” behind roach infestation is a great way of ensuring a complete ban on critters’ entry into your house. Let’s dig in!

Things that attract cockroaches to your house

Roaches are scary, yes! But they are also notorious for triggering allergic reactions and posing serious health hazards. Even though they make your home an unhygienic place, they are usually attracted to clean areas. 

So what might be attracting them to your place? The answer lies in the list below:

Safe shelter

Here is a fun fact about cockroaches: they can survive a nuclear bomb. Their skin has been designed in a way that can withstand the impacts of radioactive material. However, what it cannot bear is the cold.

When the outside temperatures decline and the surroundings turn white, cockroaches set out in search of safe, forgotten places where they can stay for prolonged periods.

People’s homes, especially kitchens, become a safe place for these critters. They will find their shelter inside hollowed-out wood, behind large appliances or kitchen appliances, and enter the “do-not-disturb” mode.


Roaches need moisture/water for their survival, and it is one of the reasons they live in sewers. Many cockroaches creep into people’s bathrooms in search of moisture.

Other places where you may find them are somewhere close to air conditioning units or refrigerators. They look for water-filled up during the condensation process to fulfill their moisture needs.

Food sources

Cockroaches eat almost everything. They nibble on leftover food items, cardboard boxes, old boxes, and even human hair. Your pristine kitchen cabinets can still have something to eat for these roaches, hence why they prefer staying in homes with plenty of food options.

When cleaning your kitchen, ensure that you don’t have any crumbs left on the counters, under the cabinets, etc.


Hidden from the naked eye are small crevices in the walls and doors that provide a safe passage for critters to enter a home. Certain types of cockroaches are not “looking” for something in your home. They get in simply because they found a way inside your house. Any gaps in your windows, or if doors are left open, they will get inside your house easily.

People who live in apartment complexes have to be extra careful of such entry points. If only one house is infested by roaches, it can pose a big problem for all residential units.

Types of Roaches That are Commonly Found in the US

There are three types of cockroaches that are mostly found in America. However, there are more than 4,000 cockroaches in the world, of which around 69 live in the US.

The three species that you may find in your homes or other places are:

  1. Brown-banded cockroaches
  2. German cockroaches
  3. American cockroaches

Why Are There Suddenly So Many Cockroaches In My House?

Cockroaches can hitch a ride to enter your places through ways that you normally won’t think of. Here are some ways that help them enter the house:

They Ride In On Furniture

Do you have the habit of buying furniture at thrift stores or from yard sales? We all love buying used furniture items to keep our budget under control. But such items also provide free rides for roaches to enter your homes easily.

They sit in the tiny holes inside the items.

Cracks in windows and doors

As mentioned above, cockroaches can easily pass through the tiniest holes. Any gaps in your home windows will let the pesky critters safely get inside the house and settle there.

Also, since they prefer living in isolation, you will only be informed about their existence once they grow in number.

Holes in and around pipes

Cracks in and around your pipes, leaky faucets, etc., allow these critters to get inside. If you want to restrict their entry into your house, you should get your repair work done at the earliest.

Weather sealing your house will help keep energy costs low and will also help control insect entry. It’s a win-win!

Things to do to avoid roach infestation 

No one wants to see cockroaches creepily wandering around their house, especially when they disappear but you know they’re still there.

Here are some steps to follow to ensure that your house doesn’t become a roach infestation victim: 

  • Keep your house free of standing water
  • Weatherseal your doors, windows, and cracks around your foundation
  • Once you’re done with your meals, immediately put the dishes in the dishwasher
  • Keep firewood and any compost away from the home 
  • Vacuum your house regularly to ensure that even the tiniest crumbs are cleaned
  • Don’t overwater houseplants as unused water provides a comfortable shelter to roaches

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

If you have a severe infestation in your house, the best solution will be to call a pest control company and get your house fumigated.

However, if you are sure that these roaches are few and that you can get rid of them independently, here is what you can do:

  • Use concentrated borax water to kill roaches. However, you have to be a little careful when using it as this powder is poisonous and must not be consumed by humans and pets
  • Baking soda is another roach killer, which can help you get rid of the infestation timely
  • Citrus water or solution helps repel cockroaches. You can spray the solution on shelves or other places to keep the roaches away from home


There shouldn’t be any shame in admitting that you have a roach infestation in your house. American households face this problem every once in a while.

The best bet is to take preventive measures to keep your home safe from these critters.

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Can’t Find a Cockroach In Your Room? Here’s What to Do!

Can’t find a cockroach in your room? It was just there! Here’s what you can do:

  • Spray pesticides in the corners
  • Use sticky traps
  • Clean up your space

Now that you have some of the tips needed to find the pesky creature (ideally its dead version), let’s get into further detail on how to handle troublesome pests.

Cockroaches can emerge out of nowhere and disappear into nothingness before we have the time to react or process their presence. This is a common problem as they crawl under beds, sofas, toilets, and other dirty yet hidden places.

Therefore, what should you do if you can’t find a cockroach in your room?

Read on to find out.

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