Termites vs Bed Bugs, How Can You Tell Them Apart?

Pests such as bed bugs and termites are very difficult to control. Many people have trouble telling the two apart from each other. Do you know the differences between termites vs bed bugs?

  • Termites don’t feed on human blood, whereas bed bugs do
  • The length of a termite can reach 1 cm. A bed bug can grow up to 0.5 centimeters in length.
  • A termite has four equal wings. There are no wings on bed bugs.

The length of a termite can reach 1 cm. A bed bug can grow up to 0.5 centimeters in length.

Do you know the distinctions between termites and bed bugs? Don’t worry, we do! Check out the differences below.

Can Bed Sheets and Beds Be Infested With Termites?

Yes, they can. Termites can destroy beds and bedding items made of wood.

This tiny insect can also eat other things besides wood. For example, termites will bite your mattress as long as it contains cellulose, causing pinholes in your bed. 

Fabrics such as hemp, cellulose, cotton, and flax are digested easily by termites. So, consider your bed a haven for termites if you have these types of bedding.

In addition to making things worse, a wooden bed will either sound hollow or begin to fall apart over time as they consume the wood. Early detection of termites eating the bed and managing the infestation will greatly reduce the chances of this happening. 

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

The name says it all! They are insects that love beds and bed sheets due to the readily available food source. You! They must live near their food source to survive. The most common places to find them on a mattress are the folds and tufts, the seams, and the corners. They are also found in box springs, bed frames, headboards, and furniture near beds.

What Exactly Is a Bed Bug?

The saying goes, don’t let the bed bugs bite. We say this before going to sleep. How true it is. These bugs bite when you’re asleep. These are little insects that love to eat your blood as you sleep. They can leave itchy, red bites all over you.

A bed bug infestation is a serious problem that should not be ignored. Yes, they can be harmful to families, especially to children who are unaware of their existence.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

  • In appearance, bed bugs resemble apple seeds or ticks with flat, oval bodies
  • There is no need for a microscope to see them because the naked eye can see them
  • They don’t have wings
  • The eggs are white and about 1 mm in diameter.
  • Engorged with blood, they become a bit rounded¬†
  • Depending on their life stage and frequency of feeding, they are generally reddish-brown
  • Reddish-brown or darker crimson colors indicate engorged bed bugs
  • Yellow to light brown can be seen on juveniles who have not been fed

What Exactly Is a Termite?

Insects like these can create a lot of problems in your house. Termites do not feed on human blood, unlike bed bugs. So there is a sense of relief here. However, when termites build up inside your house, they become a major problem. Your home becomes weaker and uglier as they feed on wooden structures, forcing you to spend money on repairs.

A swarmer-type termite is generally the first thing people notice when they spot termites.  

What Do Termites Look Like?

  • A termite consists of six legs and three body divisions 
  • The wings are white, transparent, and have the same length tips
  • A body measuring no more than a quarter-inch in length
  • There is no obvious line of demarcation between the thorax and abdomen of termites
  • Antennae without segmentation, short and straight

Can Bed Bugs and Termites Be Transferred via Humans?

Bed bugs are pests that can hitchhike on humans and their possessions and travel rapidly. It doesn’t matter where bed bugs travel, whether on clothes, bags, or the body itself. They can come with you wherever you go.

The chances of you bringing termites with you are very low unless you have something wooden that is infested deep inside. For example, it is very unlikely termites will crawl into your moving bags or boxes if there is nothing wooden inside. 


Bed bugs and termites might have a few similarities, but they are very different insects. Unfortunately, they both can be annoying, but termites cause more havoc than bed bugs. Bed bugs can see you changing your mattress, but termites can have you demolishing half the structure of your home. If you think you have bugs that might be one of these two, get a professional to inspect them asap. They will tell you the right treatment to use to get rid of them.

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