What Does Roach Poop Look Like? How Can You Identify It?

If you’re looking to find a hidden nest of cockroaches, following their poop trail is a great idea.

But, there is still confusion about the appearance of cockroach poop. Does it resemble human feces in its color or is it of an entirely different appearance? There’s only one pressing question: what does roach poop look like?

Long story short:

  • These have black or brown specs
  • Their appearance varies between tough coffee grains and crushed black pepper
  • They can sometimes appear as dark ink or black fecal stains

You might be weirded out knowing the technicalities of the appearance of cockroach poop. But sometimes you just need to know. Understanding is an integral step towards recognizing the possibility of a cockroach infestation in your room or home.

If that’s what you’ve got, it’s time to take care of it! Now, let’s go deeper into the matter of roach droppings.

What Does Roach Poop Look Like?

Cockroach droppings are fairly easy to recognize. These specs are some of the most common evidence that a cockroach has been around (along with occasional dead roaches).

It is common for smaller roaches to leave behind black or brown specs of varying appearances. We’re talking something from coffee grounds to crushed black pepper.

It is common for smaller roaches to leave behind black or brown specs of varying appearances. We’re talking something from coffee grounds to crushed black pepper.

We apologize for ruining coffee and black pepper for you through this explanation.

Additionally, cockroach poop can appear as a black or brown fecal stain. Or even as dark ink, depending on the surface and the cockroach.

You may often find these stains as smears across the surface, which is not an appealing sight.

But, the larger-sized cockroaches prefer to leave behind solidified feces. This is commonly shaped like a cylinder. This form of poop is also colored black or brown, depending on the cockroach specie that it comes from.

These larger roach droppings have ridges that run the feces’ length from top to bottom.

This specific information may seem unnecessary. These ridges on the droppings are the main distinguishing factor between mouse feces and cockroach feces.

Mouse feces are larger, do not have ridges, and often have short hair.

How Does Roach Poop Vary Across Cockroach Species?

Among the smaller cockroach species are the brown-banded cockroaches and the German cockroaches. If you’re looking for the pesky creatures that commonly invade your homes in the United States, these two are the ones.

But, among the larger cockroach species are the American cockroaches. Including oriental and smoky brown cockroaches. These two types can seem intimidating and threatening when they move toward you.

And they are twice as disgusting due to their large size.

The smaller cockroaches, also relatively younger, are likely to leave tiny-sized droppings behind. These are commonly referred to as specs.

But, young cockroaches are likely to leave ridged feces behind. This is usually cylindrical. The only distinguishing factor from adult droppings would be that they will be smaller.

Where Should I Look For Cockroach Poop?

Finding cockroach poop is the biggest hint that your home is hiding these unwanted guests. Yet, knowing where exactly you need to look for the trail is integral.

Believe it or not, you won’t usually find this trail of poop just sprawled across your living room. Even if you do, that is an extremely rare occurrence.

That said, cockroaches aren’t particularly trained to do it in a toilet and defecate everywhere they go. —But, in some places, these creatures prefer to let out their feces.

For example, cockroaches prefer to defecate near congregation. As well as nesting areas and around their food sources. The unfortunate bit is that since their food sources align with ours, our food might get contaminated with their bacteria.

Hooray, I’m sure you’re as thrilled as we are.

To simply, roach poop is readily available everywhere they go. If you’re located one under your bed, there might be more nearby.

In such circumstances, thoroughly clean your room. Spray an insecticide spray across the room.

Yet, to help you understand roach poop better, here are some of the common locations where you are likely to find cockroach droppings:

  • Corners are a favorite spot for these pesky buggers
  • Above cabinets, doors, shelves, and generally high objects provide a hidden passage
  • Inside pantries, drawers, cabinets, closets, and food areas
  • Children’s toy chests, playpens, or any area where sticky fingers are likely to touch
  • Along all baseboards within the house
  • Underneath the washer, stoves, dryers, refrigerators, and sinks
  • Within any openings or cracks in the walls, floors, or structure
  • Inside storage areas, particularly those that have cardboard boxes or papers

Why Do I Need To Look For Roach Poop?

The interesting question in all this is: what’s the purpose?

Why do I need to go on a hunt for roach poop like it is a treasure?

Well, roach poop has been proven to raise the chances of severe asthma triggers. These feces also come with a strong odor that adds to the musty smell of a roach infestation.

Would you prefer your pets, children, or family members touch or step on roach poop?

It is also important to note that ignoring roach poop will lead to more cockroaches getting attracted to it.

Cockroach feces attracts more clan members as it acts as a summoning source.

Luckily, you can use this to your advantage. You could place bait in areas near roach poop to attract the nearby cockroaches. This will allow you to kill them all in one strike, eradicating the chances of ever having to see or clean up roach poop.

Conclusion: Clean It Up!

If you’ve read so far, you know that cockroach feces is disgusting. It is proof positive of a cockroach infestation.

Get rid of it as soon as you see it! Clean up any loose droppings through vacuuming. Thoroughly clean the vacuum’s innards afterward.

Sanitation is essential in the process. Use soapy, warm water to clean up the surfaces of these disgusting droppings.

The hot water will aid in killing the bacteria left behind too.

At that point, you may want to call up a professional to do a thorough check of your home and take care of any issues. If you don’t want to spring for that, go ahead and get some roach killer from your hardware store and spray it in problem areas.