Where Do Mosquitoes Hide in Your Home?

Waking up in the morning to find yourself with a bunch of itchy welts from mosquitoes is never fun. Those small but vicious insects can hide almost anywhere, especially when they get in your home.

Where do mosquitoes hide in your home?

  • Mosquitoes can be present in every area of your home, inside and outside.
  • They like dark areas as well as places with a lot of smells like the bathroom and kitchen.
  • When it comes to the outdoors, ponds or plants and shrubs are also places they like to hide.

In order to prevent having to suffer from those itchy bites that come with mosquitoes in your home, understanding where they can hide out is critical. It will allow you to apply preventative measures to those areas in order to get rid of them. 

So keep reading if you’re looking for ways to counteract mosquitoes in your home! We’re going to take a look at where mosquitoes hide and how you can get rid of them.

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide In Your House?

Before you can really dive into any type of plan for prevention or getting rid of mosquitoes, you need to know where they live in your home. There are many different places they can hide during the day within the four walls and exterior of your home.

Before diving into any type of plan for prevention or getting rid of mosquitoes, you need to know where they live in your home.

Here are some of the most common places:

1. Kitchen

Because mosquitoes tend to use smell as a navigation device, any room in your home with a very intense scent will attract them. With all the fruit and produce that comes into your kitchen and the odors that live there, it’s not surprising that one of the places mosquitoes like to hide out is in the kitchen.

Because mosquitoes tend to use smell as a location device, any room in your home with a very intense sense will attract them. 

2. Bathroom

Just like in the kitchen, the bathroom tends to have a fragrant scent attached to it. Not only from the soaps and shampoos one uses but also from other things that happen in the bathroom. Because of the strong odors that come from there, the bath is a place where mosquitoes love to hide. 

On top of that, there is stagnant water in the bathroom due to the toilet, and sometimes other things and moist places are always someplace you’ll find mosquitoes.

3. House Plants

One of the things that mosquitoes are attracted to is carbon dioxide, meaning plants and trees are a beacon for them. Those out there that have potted plants or trees may find that the carbon dioxide and the water you use to maintain them bring mosquitoes in.

4. Standing Water/Food

Many of us have pets. And pets have standing bowls of water and food lying around. This can create a stagnant water situation in both the food as well as the water. On top of that, pet food is very fragrant. And once again, this will draw mosquitoes to them and provide a beautiful place to breed.

5. Dark Rooms

Studies have shown that mosquitoes are attracted to dark places as well as dark colors. The darker places allow them to remain active longer, which will be one of the top places where they will hide during the bright light of the day.

Within your home, these are the principal places where you will find them. But mosquitoes find breeding grounds outside your home, which could also lead them to find their way inside.

6. Dark Areas Outside With Stagnant Water

You’re going to find mosquitoes in places where there is standing water, like potted trees and shrubs or fountains and ponds. Control your standing water and mosquitoes have no place to breed!

Control your standing water and mosquitoes have no place to breed!

You might also want to look at dark areas like under porches or in gutters. Along with these areas, things like piles of leaves and tire swings can end up with stagnant water in them and therefore be a draw for mosquitoes.

These are all places on the exterior of your home where you might find mosquitoes hiding.

How To Get Rid of Mosquitos In the Home

Simply knowing where they hide in your home is not the only thing that is important when dealing with mosquitoes. Once you’ve located them, finding ways to get rid of them, or even prevent them from showing up, can save you a lot of hassle.

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of those mosquitoes:

  • Invest in some repellent. When messing with mosquitoes, the DEET stuff goes a long way. Let’s face it.
  • Stagnant water is one of the mosquitoes’ biggest draws, so getting rid of any can be very good in preventing and alleviating the mosquito problem. This means if you have potted plants, ensure you tip out any extra water left on top, and don’t leave old water in your pet’s water bowl.
  • Spray rooms and areas and seems to be a beacon for mosquitoes. Utilizing a bug spray on yourself might be a good option. 
  • Mosquitoes use a lot of different factors to find places to hide as well as places to breed. One of the biggest issues is scents. Maintaining a clean home is one of the easiest ways to deal with mosquitoes.
  • If you want to stop mosquitoes from hiding in your home, the best way is to outfit all your windows with screens. Buying tight enough screens that mosquitoes can’t get through, while still allowing consistent ventilation airflow in your home, making your home more comfortable.
  • Mosquitoes aren’t strong flyers. Investing in a small desktop fan can help keep them away from you.


Dealing with mosquitoes can be annoying, especially when trying to relax in the comfort of your home. Now you know where they are likely to hide: in the kitchen, bathroom, or anyplace with darkness and stagnant water.

By understanding this, you’ll be able to apply preventative measures and therefore make your home safe from those pesky insects.