Why Are Fruit Flies in the Bathroom? 

Fruit flies are tiny insects that are a type of gnat. They breed in moist areas and feed on fruits, rotten vegetables, and other foods. Fruit flies can be either light tan or reddish-brown in color. 

These insects sometimes find their way into the house through windows and doors that are not screened properly.  

However, why are fruit flies in the bathroom?

They are attracted to damp and moist areas, which is why they are often found in bathroom drains.

Fruit flies reproduce rapidly. It takes only one week for a fruit fly to develop from an egg to a full adult. Moreover, a female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs, so you want to get rid of them quickly before you get overwhelmed. Failure to eliminate these pests leads to rapid multiplication, and you will soon have to host numerous uninvited guests. 

In this article, we are going to discuss: 

  • Why fruit flies are attracted to the bathroom 
  • How to keep them away from your bathroom 
  • Ways you can use to get rid of fruit flies 

Why Are Fruit Flies in the Bathroom? 

One of the favorite habitats for fruit flies is in the bathroom. They lay eggs in bathroom drains because they are dark and moist. The eggs take only two days to bloom into full adults; hence, their reproduction never stops.

They thrive on organic matter in clogged bathroom drains and sinks containing residue. 

They are often found swarming around mirrors, typically attracted to any fruity residue from spray-on hair care products.

One of the favorite habitats for fruit flies is in the bathroom.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Fruit Fly Free

The best way to prevent fruit flies from swarming your bathroom is to ensure that your bathroom is clean and dry at all times. Clogged sinks and shower drains accumulate moisture, which is an ideal habitat for fruit flies. 

Leaving wet, dirty washcloths and towels in the bathroom draws the flies as they enjoy feeding on wet material. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid hanging wet underwear, towels, and washcloths inside the bathroom. 

You should also keep your bathroom floors dry at all times. This will help eliminate the flies as they prefer moist areas.

And if your drain is slowly getting clogged with hairs, dead skin, makeup products, etc., you can expect flies will eventually appear. An occasional drain cleaning will be a big help here.

Other Breeding Places for Fruit Flies 

The flies don’t necessarily originate from the bathroom. They may find their way to the bathroom from outside or other areas in the house.

Other places you should expect to find fruit flies are: 

1. The Kitchen 

These insects absolutely love the kitchen, especially in the summer season, as this is the time fruits ripen. They are attracted to ripening fruits like mangoes and bananas as they have high sucrose levels. 

Cut pieces of fruits should be refrigerated instantly to avoid infestation by the flies. What’s more, spoiled potatoes and tomatoes should be discarded before they start fermenting.

When left exposed, rotten potatoes and tomatoes, bananas, and even pet foods begin fermenting and attract female flies to lay eggs. 

The flies gather around spilled fruit juices and milk. That said, you should avoid leaving spills on the kitchen counters and surfaces.

Fruit flies from the kitchen easily find their way into the bathroom. 

2. Trash Cans, Compost Bins, and Garbage Disposals 

Nearby garbage dumping sites are home to fruit flies due to the fruit residue and discarded food. The presence of garbage, compost bins, and any place discarded food is placed could be why you have fruit flies in your home.

In addition, trash cans that are not properly covered soon become habitats for fruit flies. 

Avoid leaving trash cans in the house overnight. If you’re going to have to, ensure you get a bin with a good lid. And regularly clean the inside of your trash can and lid so that those little stuck-on bits of food don’t become a problem.

3. Indoor and Outdoor drains 

Pipes and sewers draw fruit flies as they are always moist and make a good breeding place. Leaving food residue on the drains quickly attracts these insects.

Flies from the sewers can get to the bathroom through improperly screened windows.

That said, you should filter and discard food particles when washing dishes. This helps prevent the residue from going through the drain and creating a potential habitat for the insects. 

How to Rid Your Bathroom of Fruit Flies

Getting rid of fruit flies permanently is not an easy affair. This is due to their rapid and constant reproduction. However, there are some ways to help you get rid of these culprits once and for all. They include: 

1. Pour Boiling Water or White Vinegar into the Drains Regularly 

Hot water is known for its efficiency in killing germs. Pouring hot water into your bathroom drainage system constantly helps kill their larvae, stopping their reproduction. Boiling white vinegar also helps kill larvae in the same way.

Don’t use bleach in the drains, it is not safe. 

2. Mixing Dish Soap and Apple Cider Vinegar 

For this method, mix equal amounts of dish soap and apple cider vinegar into a jar with a lid. Wait until the mixture starts to form bubbles, then leave it in the bathroom overnight. Apple cider vinegar attracts the flies into the bowl, while dish soap makes it impossible for them to escape and drowns them. 

By morning, you will find numerous insects in the mixture. This method has proven to be one of the most effective in eliminating flies. 

3. Use Drain Cleaner on Your Drain

If your drains are clogged with gunk, it’s a good idea to get some Drain-O or other drain cleaner for your drains. Be sure you follow the directions carefully.

4. Seek Professional Plumbing Services 

You can call a professional plumber when you can’t get rid of the insects using the above methods. The professional checks all your drainage systems. Moreso, they fix broken pipes that may be causing leaks.

In addition, a plumber has the right equipment for unclogging blocked drainage systems, offering a more permanent solution. 


Fruit flies love warm, moist places, and that’s why the bathroom is a common habitat. They love to set up camp in drains, where they can quickly multiply.

The good news is that they’re typically easy to get rid of in the bathroom with some standard maintenance and upkeep.