Will Lice Shampoo Kill Bed Bugs? Does It Help Eradicate The Bugs?

Bed bug infestation can be so traumatic you may be ready to try anything to get rid of them!

If you’ve ever wondered will lice shampoo kill bed bugs, you’ll be happy to discover that the short answer is, yes – lice shampoo will also kill bed bugs.

However, since bed bugs are so good at hiding, getting rid of them in only one wash may not be possible. 

  • Bed bugs are not naturally drawn to living in human hair or on their host.
  • If there is a serious infestation, they could be found hiding in someone’s hair. 
  • It’s not important what lice shampoo is used; any brand of shampoo will kill bed bugs. 

91% rubbing alcohol mixed with regular shampoo will also do the trick, as will neem oil. Although it’s not a ‘comfortable’ topic, bed bug infestations can and do happen, often entirely by accident.

But rest assured, there are many solutions, and today’s blog will provide all the insight you need and answer the question: will lice shampoo kill bed bugs?

How Do Bed Bugs Enter Your Home?

These microscopic vampires usually enter a home by playing stow-away in purses, school backpacks, luggage, or any item placed on upholstered or soft surfaces. 

They are quite adept at traveling between offices or rooms in corporate buildings, hotels, schools, and apartment blocks. They can crawl up walls and furniture legs and hitch rides on personal belongings.

Purchasing used furniture could also bring them into your space without anyone’s knowledge.

What Is the Difference Between Bed Bugs and Head Lice?

Although both insects are minuscule and feed on human blood, it is essential to know how to tell them apart before choosing how to get rid of them. Bed bugs are slightly bigger (⅛-inch) than lice (¼-inch), and their colors also differ.

Lice are usually grayish or ‘dirty-white’ in color, while bed bugs are red-brown or mahogany. 

Lice are oblong, but bed bugs tend to be flatter and oval-shaped. Most often, head lice find their way into homes and invade beds, ending up in the hair of inhabitants. Meanwhile, bed bugs tend to hide in mattress seams and the folds and crevices of furniture upholstery.   

An excellent way to determine whether you have bed bugs or head lice is how they affect humans. Lice remain on the host and need blood almost every day to survive. This creates an itchy and irritated scalp. 

Lice remain on the host and need blood almost every day to survive. This creates an itchy and irritated scalp. 

Meanwhile, bed bugs can feed for a while before humans notice anything. Bed bugs usually feed at night, and it’s unlikely that the unfortunate person sleeping in the bed would even see them!

But that does’nt mean they don’t leave any evidence.

A sure sign of unwelcome bed bugs is specks of blood, molted insect skin, or tiny fecal stains on sheets and pillowcases. And sensitive people could develop a rash shortly after being bitten.

How to Rid the Home of Bed Bugs

  • After traveling, unpack as soon as possible, wash all clothing and towels in hot water, and dry them in a hot drier. 
  • Before bringing second-hand furnishings into a building, inspect the seams, crevices, and underneath cushions.
  • If lice aren’t detected, but the inhabitants notice itches and discomfort, and the only product in the home is head lice shampoo, you should wash their hair. 
  • Use the appropriate amount of shampoo per the directions on the bottle, and ensure the entire head is covered. Leave the shampoo for at least 15 to twenty minutes before rinsing. 
  • Use a nit comb and carefully comb through every inch of hair covering the scalp before rinsing everything off thoroughly. 

Remember that some shampoos do not kill the eggs, and it’s advised to repeat the process every two days.

Remember that some shampoos do not kill the eggs, and it’s advised to repeat the process every two days.

Since bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate, it’s often necessary to call in a professional pest exterminator. They know where to search for these insects and how to identify them and rid buildings of the curse. 

And you may need to get rid of your mattress, but that’s just the start.

Best Head Lice Shampoos

The RID MAX Lice Removal Kit is an excellent option and contains everything required, such as the comb designed for optimal results; it’s pesticide-free and also kills the eggs. Some products, such as specialized nit combs, offer a magnifying glass to enable spotting eggs easier. 

LiceLogic Clear and Free Head Lice Shampoo is entirely non-toxic and made with Natural LiceZyme, a proprietary enzyme that kills lice at all stages, including their eggs. This product is a safe option for kids older than two years.

Always follow instructions carefully, and call a professional if the bed bugs continue biting!